Project Management

Project Management & Manager Assessment

  • What makes a good project manager?
  • What makes a company good at project management?

Do you find yourself asking these question but not having the framework, data or processes to answer these questions. We have developed a method of analysing the contributing factors, assessing you and your company against these (and industry norms) and giving you the answer. Where there are gaps to be bridged, we will work with you to identify an appropriate strategy.

Project Assessment/Audits

  • How is my project progressing?
  • How do I measure this accurately?
  • Why don't I have a good scorecard/dashboard? 
  • Why are all the answer full of ifs and buts?

If any of this is familiar, then you should work with us. We can,
  • Conduct a Project Health Check
  • Develop simple, yet thorough, dashboards/scorecards for your project
  • Provide visibility as the right level of detail