Project Management

What makes William Lacey different from other Project/Program Managers

22 years of successful projects
I have worked for in excess of 20 years as a successful business owner and project/program manager. My work has taken me all over the world and back again to my current home in Ireland. I have accumulated my experience into a system which can be applied with great success to all aspects of project and program management.

I see the big picture
From the outset, my focus is a business orientated focus, which is then converted into assisting teams in delivering business objectives using best practices. I assist in ensuring delivery of the key objectives, assisting informed decision making, help develop key problem solving techniques and so on - all of the ingredients for success.

I bring proven techniques
Team building, decision making, cost control, rapid execution, low cost/high quality methods plus passion and driver to help you get the job done.

I practise what I preach - simplicity and learning from success
I have proven my methods over the years and seek to continuously improve them - my system develops with every project.

I bring focus, clarity and simplicity to bear
I first seek to understand the objectives and scope and then bring collective understanding - my objective is to bring focus clarity and simplicity to bear on all my endeavors. 

eCoaching Modules are focused on the practical side of Project Management
The online course, FORUM and email service is all about what driving the car is like, not just doing the theory. We take an alternative, fun approach because we believe an unconventional approach will win out - why not join us - coming soon!

Other Project Management Services include:
  1. Interim Project Management roles
  2. On-site/Remote Project 1on1 Coaching
  3. Project Health checks (Audits)
  4. Project Recovery