Project Management
I hope that you enjoyed the articles and have got some encouraging feedback - would be really grateful if you would comment on the articles, even though I do enjoy the emails also.

On the previous two post, we cover all of the topics you would expect to see. Here in the final post today, you will see some expected topics, but you will also see some unexpected ones also - but they are vital to ensuring the success of your projects.

So where do we start - let's look at the topics we will be covering in this post:
  1. Legal considerations and obligations
  2. Research
  3. PR & Communications
  4. Risks
  5. Creative thinking
  6. What are you "Waiting For"
So let's take them 1 by 1.

Legal considerations and obligations
You must take great care with any legal obligation and particular regulation that you have to abide by. To avoinf becoming in any way hamstrung by them, you should establish what they are, who can best advise you and which are mandatory and which are not - clear direction and knowledge of this will eliminate unnecessary worry for you and risk for the project.

This is a short video tutorial on the using the Project Planning Checklist - hope you enjoy it.
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Firstly apologies for not delivering the second part of this series last week. Having reviewed the feedback from the survey, it is clear to me that the preference with respect to posts and tutorials is:

Posts once a week and make them in-depth but yet easy to consume.

Tutorials - pick key topics and keep the tutorial to between five and ten minutes maximum.

So, based on this feedback, I will now be posting once a week and adding a 5-10 minute tutorial once a week. I have already made some of the tutorials and they are longer, so I will not re-edit these as that is a substantial amount of work. I will however make sure that as of today, written posts are once a week and in-depth.

After all of that, we can now continue on the project planning checklist. In the last post, we covered:
  1. Resources
  2. Key Objectives
  3. People and
  4. Finances
In today's post we will discuss:
  1. Schedule
  2. Quality
  3. Politics
  4. Space, Equipment and Facilities