Project Management
Once a week, I will be recording a tutorial on a project management topic - the first 16 topics have been chosen and you can explore the details in the "Tutorial" section of the website.

The tutorials are small movies you can play on your computer or iPhone/iPod and range from 10 minutes to 45minutes; would love your feeback.
In addition to the first 16 lessons, I will be producing template, checklists and cheat sheets on relevant topics.

The purpose of the exercise is to share my thoughts and hopefully get feedback from you. Are the topics relevant? Is the format good? Is the duration too short/long? Or anything which you feel would improve the content.

Two key principles that I will be employing are:
1. Simplicity, by which I mean maximum results with minimum means
2. Good Communications - clarity of thought and limiting the number of key messages per lesson to 3-4.

Hope you enjoy, William

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